Position Statement on this year’s Municipal Election



September 20, 2017

Municipal councils in our Province begin a new four-year term on September 26. The Provincial Advisory Council on the Status of Women NL is emphasizing the need for those terms to be marked by municipal council members working together respectfully without fear of harassment and bullying. Being an elected official is one of the few positions for which there are few codes of conduct mandating respectful behaviour.

As part of the Respectful Municipalities working group, organized by Municipalities Newfoundland and Labrador (MNL), we have been working diligently to promote the need for respectful workplace policies. These are to guide our communities in working together to respectfully resolve differences. We invest significant time and resources into teaching our children to respect themselves and each other on how to resolve their differences respectfully. Should we not be practicing what we preach? Isn’t this what we want modelled for the next generation?

We all want capable, competent, qualified people, both women and men putting their names forward for councils. We want people who have the best interests of their communities and our province at heart. As citizens of the province, we have a right to expect nothing less.

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For interviews, contact:

Linda Ross, President/CEO