Advisory Council and Equal Voice NL Celebrate Female Candidates in 2017 Municipal Election










Press Release 

September 11, 2017


The Provincial Advisory Council on the Status of Women NL, in partnership with Equal Voice, NL Chapter, will be hosting an event Monday, September 18 from 7-9 pm at The Suncor Energy Fluvarium to celebrate female candidates in the 2017 Municipal elections in St. John’s Metropolitan area.

Both organizations have worked closely in the past partnering on a publication titled ‘Organize to Win” A Political Guidebook for Women in Newfoundland and Labrador’ and hosting ‘Daughters of the Vote NL’ an Equal Voice initiative which honored and celebrated emerging young women leaders in our province with aspirations of a career in politics. “We are thrilled to see so many women running in the 2017 municipal election and want to celebrate this” says Linda Ross, President/CEO of the Advisory Council. We have a long way to go to achieving gender parity at all levels of government, however, seeing more women put their names forward municipally inspires hope.”

Women are still woefully under-represented at all levels of government. This needs to change and for many women, their first foray into politics is at the municipal level.  Lori Lee Oats, Equal Voice NL chair commented “Equal Voice NL is dedicated to working with women interested in running for political office, regardless of the level of government or political party. We also recognize the importance of women having strong networks and access to the necessary resources to run a campaign – something that also needs to be addressed.”

To help recognize this year’s female candidates will be female MHAs, members of the Advisory Council from across the province, community partners, former female municipal councillors and members of Equal Voice.

Equal Voice’s slogan is “Support Her, Be Her, Celebrate Her” and on September 18, the intention is to bring people together to network and celebrate her.




Lori Lee Oats                                                             Linda Ross

Chair, Equal Voice, NL                                             President/CEO